PATRIN PHARMA, Inc, is a privately held specialty
pharmaceutical development company.  The company was
founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Chicagoland
area.  The company was founded with a strong focus to
help make medicines more affordable for patients around
the world.

PATRIN PHARMA is positioned to deliver the lower cost,
effective and safer specialty drugs to U.S. patients.  The
company focuses on the rapid development and
commercialization of drugs in a niche market with
innovative drug delivery systems.  We utilize existing
approved chemical entities, and hence expedite the
clinical trial and FDA approval process.  We develop our
own proprietary delivery systems and also actively license
technology platform and/or product that fit our pipeline

Patrin Pharma has developed its own distribution network
& system.  We distribute products throughout U.S. in 45+
states with all major and mid-size distributors to retail,
hospitals and surgery
centers. Patrin Pharma has
temperature controlled
warehouses based in Illinois and
North Carolina.  We are actively seeking partnership to
distribute products.

PATRIN PHARMA's culture is embedded in our belief of  
"Heathcare Worldwide".  We partner with companies and
organizations with similar belief.  As a part of our culture,
we donate a percentage of all of our sales to charities
around the globe.  We actively seek to partner with
appropriate NGO's and other agencies.

copyright Patrin Pharma 2005-2013
A Specialty Pharmaceutical Company